How to Setup your Company’s details for the first time

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  1. With the “Validate EU VAT” button, you can check if the Tax Identification Number of your company exists in the VIES database (for EU Companies Only) and if it is valid. If the VAT number is valid, certain fields are automatically auto filled, with the same information that exists in the VIES system’s database. This check is crucial, as the system will be able to understand if your company is an EU registered company or not and in case you are, it will automatically apply VAT exemptions on your invoices, for transactions with other EU registered companies.
  2. Fill the remaining fields of this page and press “Continue”.
  3. Please give a name and a corresponding value of VAT for each service of yours in order to be able to have an automated calculation for your invoices. Do not forget to click on the “add data” button after each service that you insert. When you have completed this task, please press the “Continue” button.
  4. Please give a name and a corresponding value for the deductions that your services may have. Do not forget to press the “add data” button so each deduction is added successfully. Once you are done please click on the “Continue” button.
  5. By “Choose logo” you can choose your logo image that will appear on the invoices that you will create. Once you have selected the image, please press “Upload Image”.
  6. At the “Default remarks for invoices” field, you can type any text you want to appear by default at the bottom of all of your invoices.
  7. Once you have completed all steps, please check that everything is correct and then please click the Save button.